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Optoma ZK507 4K Large Venue Laser Projector

Optoma ZK507 4K Large Venue Laser Projector


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Optoma ZK507 Bright 4K UHD Projector

The Optoma ZK507 projector boasts an impressive blend of UHD 4K resolution and a robust 5000 lumen brightness, allowing for optimal viewing even in well-lit environments. Additionally, its DuraCore Laser light source provides long-lasting and maintenance-free operation, eliminating concerns about downtime, technical support, or difficult installations. Coupled with a thorough 3-year / 20,000 hour warranty, the ZK507 is ideal for frequent use in various settings.

Key Features & Specifications

  • UHD 3840 x 2160 16:9
  • 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • 2,000,000:1 Contrast
  • 9.8kg Weight
  • 30db (eco) Fan Noise
  • 3 Year / 20,000hr Warranty
  • 3 Year / 20,000hr Laser Warranty
  • Est. Laser Life up to 20,000hrs
  • Long Life Laser Lightsource
  • 15% Vertical Lens Shift
  • 2x HDMI Connection
  • HDMI 2.0 Connection
  • HDR10/HLG Compatible
  • 1.6x Zoom
  • 3D Capable(3D glasses required)
  • IP6X Dust Resistant Optical Engine

Throw Distance Chart
(Throw Ratio: 1.39-2.22:1)

Examples of installation distance for some popular screen sizes.
Image Size Installation Distance
92" (16:9) 2030x1140mm From 2.9m to 4.5m
100" (16:9) 2130x1200mm From 3.0m to 4.7m
110" (16:9) 2435x1370mm From 3.5m to 5.4m
120" (16:9) 2657x1494mm From 3.7m to 5.8m
135" (16:9) 2990x1681mm From 4.2m to 6.6m
150" (16:9) 3320x1867mm From 4.7m to 7.3m


  • 4K UHD, 8.3M pixels on screen
  • HDR compatible (HDR10 & HLG)
  • PureEngine (MEMC) & UltraDetail for outstanding video performance
  • Full 3D supported
  • Expansive Color Gamut : ~75% DCI-P3 color performance
  • Maintenance free, 20,000 hour laser light source

The ZK507 is a bright and robust 5,000 lumens, 4K UHD laser projector for the ProAV sector with HDR supported and amazing color output. ZU750 features Optoma’s DuraCore technology with a 20,000 hour lamp-less laser light source enclosed in an IP5X certified optical engine to ensure reliability and minimal maintenance during its lifetime resulting in low total cost of ownership. Designed to suit different installation environments, the ZK507 includes 24/7 operation capabilities and the brand new lens designed with 1.6x zoom and 100% – 115% vertical lens shift for the maximum flexibility.

Optoma ZK507

True 4K UHD Display with 8.3M Pixels on Screen

Optoma’s ZK507 deliver accurate, razor sharp, high quality images by leveraging the DLP 4K UHD chip and XPR technology. Capitalizing on the fast switching speed of the DLP chip and advanced image processing, over 8 million pixels are delivered to the screen.

Optoma ZK507 4K resolution

Optoma DuraCore Laser Technology – Brighter for longer

Industry leading lifetime is achieved using Optoma’s new DuraCore technology. Implementing advanced laser diode cooling techniques and an innovative dust resistant design, and light source lifetime at 20,000 hours.

duracore laser

4K / HDR Compatible

The 506 series is the world’s 1st* projector capable to accept native 4K signals and compatible with HDR10.

High dynamic range (HDR) technology improves contrast ratio, brightness, and color depth on the display, delivers brighter whites and deeper black levels. It enhances the details and depth of field, making the images clearer and more realistic.

Optoma ZK507 hdr

Beautiful from the Inside Out

Wider color gamut, constant brightness, and impressive black levels render true to life images

Optoma ZK507 maintenance free

Amazing Brightness & Colors

After Optoma’s perfected color calibration and tuning, the ZK507 are able to achieve maximum brightness with vibrant colors for presentation use.

For video content, Optoma’s Cinema mode is able to project images with color accuracy that will wow your audience in lit environment.

Optoma ZK507 amazing brightness

Ultra Detail

This technology ensures all the information contained in an image is faithfully reproduced on the screen giving a stunning crystal clear, pin-sharp picture no matter using 1080p or 4K contents.

Optoma ZK507 ultra detail


PureMotion is a form of video processing with an attempt to make video filmed in 24fps to be more smooth and to compensate for motion blur. The processing will generate transitional frames in between the existing ones to reduce motion judder. You will enjoy smooth fast-moving scenes with PureMotion.

Optoma ZK507 pure motion

Alignment Free

DLP 1-chip systems are inherently mechanically perfectly aligned. For 3 panel systems, any panel misalignment can cause color or image artifacts and lost resolution

Full 3D Supported

ZK507 can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles.

Precision Optics Design

High quality optical elements maintain optimum sharpness and focus uniformity over the entire image. Uncompromising optical quality delivers extremely low color flare and chromatic aberration resulting in a crystal clear, high contrast image.

Airtight optical engine

Precision engineered with an IP5X Certified system, the ZK507 has an airtight engine that resists dust particles and ensures a long lasting, reliable and practically no maintenance light source of up to 20,000 hours. The ZK507 laser light source is free of mercury and environmentally friendly compared with traditional lamp-based projectors.

Flexible Installation

The brand new lens designed with 1.6x zoom and 100% - 115% vertical lens shift provides the maximum flexibility for installation, now you can enjoy a 100 - 150 inch display at only 4.6 meters or 120 inch image from 3.7 – 5.9 meters away.

What's in the Box

  • Optoma ZK507 Projector
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cord

What you may need

  • HDMI Cable
  • Projector Screen
  • Projector Mount
  • 3D Glasses
  • Pelican Transport Case
Display Technology


Native Resolution

4K UHD3840 × 2160


5000 ANSI Lumens



Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

Lens Shift

+15% Vertical

Throw Ratio


Zoom Type

1.6x Manual

Aspect Ratio

16:10 Native, 16:9 and 4:3 Compatible

I/O Connectors

HDMI 1.4a *1,
HDMI 2.0 *1,
VGA *1,
USB-A for power (5V 1.5A),
USB for service RS232C,
12V trigger *1,
Audio in, Audio out,

Noise Level

30dBEco mode

Light Source Life

up to 20,000 hours

Power Supply

100-240V, 50-60Hz

Operating Conditions

for 0 ~ 2500 ft, 5 ~ 40°C, for 2500 ~ 5000 ft, 5 ~ 35°C, for 5000 ~ 10000 ft, 5 ~ 30°C

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

498 x 331 x 154

Weight (Kg)