EPSON ELPLP76 / V13H010L76 Projector Lamp

EPSON ELPLP76 / V13H010L76 Projector Lamp

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EPSON ELPLP76 / V13H010L76 Genuine Projector Lamp

Compatible with

EB-G6050W, EB-G6070W, EB-G6150, EB-G6170, EB-G6250W, EB-G6270W, EB-G6350, EB-G6370, EB-G6450WU, EB-G6550WU, EB-G6570WU, EB-G6650WU, EB-G6770WU, EB-G6800, EB-G6870, EB-G6900WU, EB-G6970WU, H513B, H535A, H699, H700, H701, H702, H703, H704, H705, PowerLite_Pro_G6050W, PowerLite_Pro_G6050WNL, PowerLite_Pro_G6070W, PowerLite_Pro_G6070WNL, PowerLite_Pro_G6150, PowerLite_Pro_G6150NL, PowerLite_Pro_G6170, PowerLite_Pro_G6170NL, PowerLite_Pro_G6270W, PowerLite_Pro_G6270WNL, PowerLite_Pro_G6450WU, PowerLite_Pro_G6470WU, PowerLite_Pro_G6550WU, PowerLite_Pro_G6750WU, PowerLite_Pro_G6800, PowerLite_Pro_G6900WU, PowerLite_Pro_G6970WU

100% Genuine Branded Projector Lamps

Straight from the projector brand

Genuine Projector Lamps
  • Genuine lamps have a low risk of failure that could damage your projector
  • Genuine lamps offer the Longest Lifespan compared to generics
  • Genuine lamps are always recommended by the brand and will not void your projectors warranty
  • Genuine lamps offer 100% performance with the same brightness output.
  • Genuine lamps come with full Australian warranty (minimum 90 days).