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Elite ELECTRIC100H-AUHD 100 Inch 16:9 AcousticPro Motorised Screen

Elite ELECTRIC100H-AUHD 100 Inch 16:9 AcousticPro Motorised Screen


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Elite ELECTRIC100H-AUHD 100" 16:9 Motorised Screen with Black Casing & AcousticPro Material

The AcousticPro projector screen has a matte white surface with a 1.0 gain that provides excellent colour neutrality for superb colour reproduction along with wide diffusion uniformity. The angular weave material is designed to allow wall-speaker sound to breathe through the screen while eliminating the visual artifact known as moiré effect. The precision angled mesh of the material allows viewers to enjoy a visually superior presentation with strong color neutrality and artifact-free performance. The material is perfect for use with native 1080P and 4K projectors for home cinema and commercial applications.

Image Area (excluding border) : 2214x1245mm
Case Length : 2544mm 
Weight: 10.1kg
2 Years
Case Colour: Black

*International model shown in video, minor variations are possible in Australian models.

Screen Material

  • AcousticPro Angular Weave material
  • 160 Degree wide viewing angle with 1.0 gain
  • Superb off-axis luminance
  • Optimal color neutrality; color shift is not compromised
  • Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Standard black masking borders
  • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
  • Not compatible with Ultra Short-Throw Projectors

Total Control

  • Infrared (IR) remote control
  • Detachable 3-way wall UP/STOP/DOWN switch
  • Built-in 5-12 volt trigger port enables Drop/Rise operation to synchronize with the projector's power cycle
  • Low-voltage internal IR Receiver
  • RJ45 input port allows easy integration with 3rd party control systems
  • Optional RF Remote, wireless 5-12 volt trigger, Universal 5-12 volt trigger (for projectors that don't have a trigger output port) and In-wall switch

Design and Installation

  • Durable casing for wall/ceiling installations
  • Includes wood screws and drywall anchors
  • Bubble leveler included
  • Ships fully assembled with 3-prong power connection ready to plug & play
  • Optional in-ceiling trim kit and 6" and 12" L brackets

Quality and Reliability

  • Synchronous motor allows silent operation with extended operational longevity and low power consumption
  • Certified by AMX and CRESTRON
  • GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certified | UL 281
  • 2-year warranty



(mm) + or - 1%

Elite Spectrum Motorised Projector Screen Specifications


Model Size View W x H (A1 x B1) Bar Length (A4) Case Length (A) Screen Width (A2) Bottom Masking (B3) Top Masking (B5) End Cap Width (C2) End Cap Height (B4)
ELECTRIC84V 84" (4:3) 1707x1280mm 1863mm 2016mm 1783mm 60mm 203mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC100V 100" (4:3) 2032x1524mm 2212mm 2366mm 2132mm 60mm 127mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC120V 120" (4:3) 2438x1829mm 2618mm 2773mm 2538mm 60mm 102mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC84H 84" (16:9) 1859x1046mm 2016mm 2168mm 1936mm 60mm 203mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC100H 100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm 2394mm 2544mm 2314mm 60mm 152mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC125H 125" (16:9) 2767x1557mm 2956mm 3103mm 2869mm 60mm 136mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC150H 150" (16:9) 3320x1869mm 3501mm 3622mm 3421mm 60mm 102mm 88mm 105mm
ELECTRIC180H 180" (16:9) 3985x2243mm 4165mm 4276mm 4085mm 60mm 152mm 88mm 105mm
ELECTRIC90X 90" (16:10) 1939x1212mm 2095mm 2248mm 2015mm 60mm 102mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC106X 106" (16:10) 2283x1427mm 2463mm 2618mm 2383mm 60mm 102mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC128X 128" (16:10) 2757x1723mm 2937mm 3091mm 2857mm 60mm 102mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC100H-AUHD 100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm 2394mm 2544mm 2314mm 60mm 152mm 80mm 93mm
ELECTRIC125H-AUHD 120" (16:9) 2767x1557mm 2956mm 3103mm 2869mm 60mm 136mm 80mm 93mm