Who is GM Multimedia Pty Ltd?

GM Multimedia Pty. Ltd. ABN: 82 119 523 723.

GM Multimedia Pty. Ltd. is the entity behind Australia's most reputable online projector and digital display stores, Just Projectors and Just Monitors. It operates in Melbourne Australia and supplies Australia wide.


GM Multimedia was originally known as GM Systems, a business partnership specialising in the supply of computer systems and display technologies to a limited market within Melbourne's eastern suburbs. GM Systems became a registered entity in the early months of 2003 with it opening its first full-time sales office in the Melbourne suburb of Nunawading on 1st November 2004.

By 2005 GM Systems had begun focusing primarily on digital displays, such as Digital Projectors, and our Just Projectors brand was formed. In 2006 GM Systems changed its name to GM Multimedia Pty Ltd, becoming a proprietary company. At this time the company moved to a larger office in Mount Waverley Victoria. In 2010 GM Multimedia purchased its own warehouse in Bayswater Victoria where it now operates.


Today GM Multimedia Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of projector technologies to homes, businesses, and education facilities across Australia. GM Multimedia has also recently launched its new Just Monitors store, specialising in Interactive Flat Panel Displays for education and business use. Through its distribution partners, and large range of freight contacts, it can deliver anywhere in Australia. GM Multimedia prides itself on being an Australian business with its full range of products being official Australian releases with full warranty and support provided by the company and its brands. Our staff have a combined 40+ years of experience with display technologies and will continue to provide a high level of service to ensure clients purchase the right product to meet their needs.

Just Projectors

Just Projectors is now a registered trading name of GM Multimedia Pty Ltd. Just Projectors is Australia's leading online projector store. Please visit our store at www.justprojectors.com.au to see what we are all about. Our staff have developed detailed Buyers Guides, Blogs, and FAQ pages to help you select the best projector for your needs. Our full time experts are also available for a chat on the phone or email.

Just Monitors

Just Monitors has recently launched specialising in Interactive Flat Panel Displays and Commercial monitors for the classroom and business. Please visit our store at www.justmonitors.com.au to see our range. Our staff are available to assist you in making the right decision to meet your needs.